I don’t want to lift weight because I don’t want to become big and bulky.

Hold the phone. You mean to tell me that in your one month experimental period of testing out a gym membership in January, you will get too big and bulky? You mean to tell me that  it is EASY to gain visible muscle mass, and you could just do it at a wim? You think that bodybuilders and fitness models tried out the gym for a few months with some basic lifts they found in a magazine, and all of sudden they had incredible physiques? If I offend someone in this blog post I apologize but this has got to be the worst and most incorrect myth in the fitness world and the bane of my fitness existence. This article will be aimed at women primarily, but men can glean some helpful information out of it as well. Here we go:

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“Lifting weight will make me look like a man”

First of all that’s sexist, and second of all, no. Women fundamentally cannot gain the same amount of muscle (at the same rate) as men because of significantly less testosterone (a muscle-developing hormone, among other purposes) in their bodies. What it might do is burn calories, reduce visible fat, and instigate muscle growth. Wow look at that? Also, don’t get it twisted, bodybuilders spend their entire being trying to push the absolute limits of their physique with unreal diets and workouts that would put most collegiate athletes on their ass. Please have respect for their grind and passions because they have respect for yours. If you aren’t interested in fitness, no problem. Don’t hate those that are.

I should just do cardio because I will lose weight and gain muscle tone. 

WRONG. Running and walking, two of the most popular forms of cardiovascular activities do in fact burn calories, which could in fact make you lose weight. Riddle me this: If you lose weight and in fact reduce visible mass on your body, will you magically gain the muscle you want to be toned? In other words, if you have flabby arms and you lose 10 lbs, you will have slightly less wide flabby arms. Toning muscles implies that you have muscles to tone. Muscles are developed through use and a great way to exercise your muscles are to weight train or resistance train.  Check it out, exercising your muscles burns calories just like doing cardiovascular activity. It’s as if you are double-dipping on fitness goals by adding weight training to your exercise routines. Well you are, and rightfully so. Arm yourself with knowledge,  and then attack your fitness like you attack your dinner plate.

For another resource that revisits my points and more visit:



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